About BioREFINE-2G

The goal of the BioREFINE-2G project is to develop and demonstrate a novel 2nd generation biorefinery concept using industrial yeast as production organism for the production of diacids and diacid derived biopolymers from side and waste streams rich in C5 sugar and mixtures of C5/C6 sugars.

Main activities and objectives will include:

  • To utilize complex C5-C6 streams designing strains that withstand the environment in a 2nd generation biorefinery and efficiently utilize the C5-C6 carbon sources;
  • To produce at least one, preferably two dicarboxylic acids in 2nd generation biorefineries;
  • To develop downstream processing methods to purify diacids from the fermentation broth at purities required for polymerization;
  • To develop methods for polymerization of the selected diacids to biodegradable as well other bio-based polymers such as polyesters and polyurethanes;
  • To demonstrate and verify the fermentation process of diacid production in a several thousand liter-scale demo plant
  • To evaluate the impact of the biopolymers produced through the BioREFINE-2G project through Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) and economics analysis


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