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BioREFINE-2G publications and reports

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Novel bioploymers from biorefinery waste streams


Vratislav Stovicek, Carina Holkenbrink, Irina Borodina

CRISPR/Cas system for yeast genome engineering: advances and applications


Jessop-Fabre MM, Jakočiūnas T, Stovicek V, Dai Z, Jensen MK, Keasling J, Borodina I.

EasyClone-MarkerFree: A vector toolkit for marker-less integration of genes into Saccharomyces cerevisiae


Vratislav Stovicek,
Gheorghe M. Borja,
Jochen Forster,
Irina Borodina

EasyClone 2.0: expanded toolkit of
integrative vectors for stable gene
expression in industrial Saccharomyces
cerevisiae strains


Vratislav Stovicek,
Irina Borodina,
Jochen Forster

CRISPR–Cas system enables fast and simple genome editing of industrial Saccharomyces cerevisiae strains

BioREFINE-2G R&I Exploitation Flyers

YearAuthor(s)Title (download)
2017 Dr. Jens William Kindtler, CBO, Denmark Robust xylose-utilizing industrial yeast
2017 Dr. Jens William Kindtler, CBO, Denmark Genetic engineering toolbox for manipulation of industrial yeast strains
2017 Dr. Amador García-Sancho, AIMPLAS, Spain Novel polymerization methods by reactive extrusion to obtain new PLA-Copolymers with enhanced properties
2017 Dr. Josep Rocas, Ecopol Tech S.L., Spain Polyesther synthesis in batch and reactive extrusion
2017 Dr. Bruno Sommer Ferreira, Biotrend, S.A., Portugal Fumaric acid purification process from fermented lignocellulosic wastes
2017 Michael Bruns, ifu Hamburg GmbH, Germany Integrated Life-Cycle-Sustainability-Assessment

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